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Loss Adjusters Who Can Help With Insurance Claims

Loss Adjusters Who Can Help With Insurance Claims

Public Loss Adjusters

Do you need an insurance claims management company who specialise in property claims. If you home or business has suffered damage from a fire or flood and you need to submit an insurance claim then Public Loss Adjusters can help.

Your property may have suffered from water damage caused by a water leak or even hit by a vehicle resulting in structural damage. As long as you have a valid insurance policy in place they may be able to help.

It is not widely known that when you have to submit an insurance claim there is help available to the policy holder. Most people just assume that once you go to your insurer, they will put everything right for you.

Fire damaged property

I Pay My Policy Every Year So Shouldn’t My Insurer Be Looking After Me?

Now as you pay your insurance company a premium every year, you would generally expect them to be there for you in your time of need. Once you submit a claim, your insurer will usually send out one of their loss adjusters. They will report back and recommend the how much it will cost to repair your property.

Now one thing we must stress here is that the loss adjuster is appointed by your insurer. In other words, they are paying for the services of that loss adjuster. The question we ask is how can that loss adjuster be impartial when in the employment of the insurance company?

As nice as insurance companies like to portray themselves, they are still a business and the more they pay out on your settlement, the more it may dent their own profits. We are not suggesting that they would cut costs to protect their profit margin at all. All we are saying is how would you know if they did?

For example, have you had your car written off only to find that your insurers valuation of a replacement is way below your own expectations? Public Loss Adjusters are different because they are loss adjusters who work on behalf of the public instead of the insurer.

As they manage insurance claims on a daily basis, they will know exactly how much the policyholder should be entitled to based on the amount covered on your policy and the amount of damage that has occurred.

There May Be More To A Property Claim Than You Think!

It  worth considering, the average property claim will not just be about the amount of damage caused to your property. There will be many other factors for a loss adjuster to consider that could include, dependent of the amount of cover you have and whether it is a domestic or commercial claim:

  • Damage or loss of personal possessions
  • Damage to furniture, fixtures and fittings
  • Loss of income if you are a business
  • Alternative accommodation arrangements
  • Appointing a suitable builder to restore and repair your property
  • Finding building quotes and negotiating a fair price
  • Loss of rent if you have tenants
  • Loss of stock
  • Drying out a water damaged property
  • Arranging the security of your property whilst it is uninhabitable

You can see from our list above, there is far more to an insurance claim than you may have thought.… Continue Reading